ACCFX is trading name of Alpha Capital Markets Ltd. regulated by the authorities of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under the International Business Companies Act, chapter 149 /2009/ section 5(1) under reference number 22390 IBC. International Trading, Investments and Online Business. ACCFX operates with a high degree of confidentiality, ethics and respect for your investments.

FSA. The Financial Services Authority regulates and supervises the international financial services sector and the non-bank financial institutions in accordance with the various governing legislation and best international practices to ensure that these sectors are reputable and contribute to the economic and social development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Foreign Exchange market offers global decentralized trading of international currencies. Retail traders can gain access to it through Brokerage firms. Each Broker must follow his own country’s local legislation and regulations, the aim of which is to provide a clear and common regulatory framework for all participants in that market. There are several official Regulatory Bodies responsible for safeguarding the interests of investors around the globe. One of their missions is to protect individual traders and prevent fraudulent practices.


There are Regulators who are more permissive than others; for example, in the United States, the Commodity Futures and Trading Commission (CFTC) and the National Futures Authority (NFA) are very restrictive. However, institutions based in The Virgin Islands or Cyprus offer more flexibility to Brokerage firms. In the UK, regulations are a bit more flexible while in Europe Regulatory Entities usually operate under the umbrella of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). This legislation covers 30 member countries of the European Economic Area.

However, and as any quick perusal of each individual country’s own regulations will reveal, it allows for a fair amount of flexibility as regards its interpretation.

The bottom line is that when choosing a Broker to trade with, it is significantly important to choose one of those regulated by relevant Authorities.


ACCFX is an award winning, legally operated under the regulatory framework online Forex & Commodities Broker.

ACCFX offers various types of Trading Accounts, Trading Platforms, and Trading Tools to trade Forex & Commodities.

ACCFX with its headquarters in Seychelles, has a number of offices around the globe offers worldwide Customer Support Centre.

ACCFX offers its Clients an unparalleled trading experience with unbeatable trading conditions along with superior multilingual support in an effort to provide its Clients with every advantage possible in order to facilitate their trading activities.

ACCFX consists of Forex Expert Management Team with many years of professional trading experience across a number of platforms and markets.

ACCFX positions itself as the “Forex Broker of Choice” for traders worldwide, through its policy of providing the best and safest possible trading Forex conditions to its Clients and allowing scalping, hedging, Expert Advisors and other trading strategies.

As a Financial Investment Company, “ACCFX” is operated under the Regulated Authority issued by the Government of Seychelles under the name of “Alpha Capital Market Limited”, under the Company’s Registration Number 137819 by Registrar of International Business Companies.


ACCFX ensures security of Client funds through segregated accounts. But this is not it! Moreover, we execute security in everything we do.

Regulated liquidity providers -globally recognized banks supply ACCFX with an STP (Straight Through Processing) trading model that rank among the fastest and most secure trading methods available in the market.

ACCFX protects Client funds through a variety of implemented operational processes, strict regulatory procedures, and compliance methods.

Segregated accounts

All Clients’ funds are kept in accounts separate from the Company’s funds. ACCFX cannot access Client funds without their consent or use Client funds for purposes other than authorized by the Clients.

Funds deposited in international global banks

ACCFX is engaged only with a range of trustworthy and credible global banks for Clients’ deposits.

Strict verification procedures

ACCFX complies with strict Client procedures to ensure that Client accounts can only be funded by the account owner, and that funds can only be withdrawn by the explicit authorization of the account owner. Strict verification procedures are in place to ensure quality and reliability.

Straight Through order Processing-No Dealing Desk Intervention

All Client transactions are processed automatically without any human/Dealing Desk interference. Orders are executed within milliseconds and passed through to liquidity providers to find the best available market price. Such process is constantly updated with the latest technology.

No conflict of interest

Using an STP model and being a true ECN Broker, ACCFX never faces a problem of conflict of interest between the Client and Broker. This follows our Vision—to provide services to Clients that help them profit and succeed!

Risk Management

ACCFX offers automated risk management system via its cutting-edge trading platforms which ensure that Clients account balances will not turn negative.

Regulated Liquidity Providers

ACCFX carefully selects and chooses only recognized liquidity providers that are fully regulated and use the STP model for our Client orders. These superb partners maintain the highest execution standards for our Clients, which allows us to offer unbeatable trading conditions.

Presence of Certificate posted above guarantees that at the time of issuance the Participant met all requirements of Regulatory Standards. Compliance with Regulatory Standards primarily proves the professionalism, reliability and safety of the Company and the way it treats Investors/Clients. This is additional guarantee for our Clients that all our activities are being legally regulated and that Clients are safeguarded in every way possible.